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May 04, 2014


Not this way.

(Thanks to Charles Cates)


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That's why I watch all the home improvement shows.
I know you can never be too prepared.

I hope somebody else was holding his beer.



"911 OR NOT?" she yells.

'Cause she wouldn't want to punch all those numbers for nothin', y'know.

... and Larry and Curley didn't even try to catch him.

I was wondering why the comments at the linked site immediately launched into political name-calling, then I noticed it was Mediaite.

Shoulda known better...

Pruning the family tree.

Just some good Ole boys having fun

Oh now - y'all leaf him alone and stop raking him over.
I understand you woodn't think he was cut out for this sort of work since he was falling down on the job. Poor sap.

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