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May 01, 2014


Elementary school is evacuated after python escapes

(Thanks to Jon Harris)


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Yikes well it had to be Florida of course. I bet that had to be a startle for some

Hey, one kindergartener will last him a month!

He answers to 'Monty'

Couldn't the school just release a 'gator to restore the balance?

Just a thought buy why was the python in the school in the first place?

A small Ball Python is no danger to anyone, unlike the mice it eats. Based on this response, if any mice get loose, it's time to evacuate the state.

I bet he's in the hisstory class.

By the way, Monty Python is getting back together for a "reunion show".

At least thats what I read....

OMG! A two-foot non-venomous snake escaped!
Actually, I saw a mosquito at my grandson's school last time I picked him up. Everybody out! Everybody out!
No, wait! Everybody in!

Steve, I have a insane fear of snakes. Any snakes. I had a black snake get into an apartment that I lived in a few years ago and called my boyfriend over to get rid of it. He brought a pistol for some reason but when he saw that it was a black snake he picked it up and started telling me that black snakes were good and not aggressive at all. I told him I didn't care if it brought me a box of candy and told me I looked nice, in my opinion no snake is a good snake. He released it, un-pistol whipped, back into the woods. I broke up with him a month later.

nursecindy - black snakes can give you a nasty bite, and they're territorial, so if it was in your apartment, it would come right back to visit. AND they can climb.

My parents had a nest of them under their house in upstate NY. Every once in a while one would venture into the living room and climb up on a couch, usually when we were watching tv. They seemed to like Fox News.

And they wonder why I moved 3,000 miles away.

If you'd hired a major moving company to help with the move, they would have boxed up everything, including the snakes.

The only thing I did in sophmore biology in high school was warm up a boa constrictor. Every day. Yes, in Coral Gables, Florida. Kids are such wimps these days!

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