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May 14, 2014


Chris Holland, 30, was accidentally nudged and fell backwards through a table while celebrating with pals at Dream Club in Sopot, Poland, on Saturday.  The next morning he was stunned to find the tumble had etched a winged figure onto his lower back.

(Thanks to DaninTustin)


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Thanks for the man-ass warning!

He 'fell?' That's his story? Because that looks exactly like somebody got a tad rowdy with his S&M bondage thong.

Nursecindy told me.

tushed by an angel

Dang! You made me look at some guy's a$$.

"My fiancée was livid...."

So was his ass. I hope he can tell them apart.

.....and when he farts I bet he thinks angels fly out of his butt.

Annie! You promised not to tell that to anybody. But it does look like that. Or so I've been told.

Good one, ligirl.

Don't blink.

I'm not sure the "good" angels come from those parts.

So Red Bull really *does* give you wings!

Looks more like an s&m batman...

This is exactly the kind of story this blog is intended to cover.


You could call it an angel...or a demon. But somehow you know that drugs and or alcohol was involved, and
likely ...will be again.

But I think it should serve as a warning to anyone who sees "behind" his motives....

snork @ Pirateboy!

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