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May 09, 2014


Florida man tries to have sex with beer can, ends up in hospital.

(Thanks to Ralph)


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This pud's for you.

Ok, a note to all you idiot's, stop moving to Florida!

What's the matter with him? Were both of hands broken?

The man's penis was 'cut to ribbons'...

ouch ouch ouch

Inevitably, boys always break their toys.

The ad next to this story said, "Lose inches while you sleep." Yipes.

And once his boss discovered the missing beer, he was promptly canned.

Wasn't "Two Pumps In" the opening act for "Three Doors Down"?

I haven't looked into a beer can is a couple of decades.
But the ones I remember had openings that were, not to brag, kind of small.
Have the beer companies decided that we just couldn't get the beer out fast enough?
Although that would be the way to bet.

Wow ! He could have had a V-8 !

Fleshlight Corp. takes notice, introduces the Fleshlight beer stein.

Beer goggles!

Isn't that taking the phrase "beer lover" a tad too far?

Q: What did the man with slab of asphalt under his arm order?

A: "A beer please, and one for the road."

Guy: "I love you so much, I could never live without you."

Girl: "Is that you or the beer talking?"

Guy: "It's me, talking to my beer."

i thought 'getting good beer head' was something totally different

Not a pop top, obviously

Moyle brand beer for when you want a little head in the can.


Also never by calamari from a moyle!

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