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May 15, 2014


Epic Records chairman L.A. Reid has said a new release featuring Justin Bieber singing with Michael Jackson will be released in the future.

(Thanks to Jay Brandes)


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Please raise your typing finger if you would rather have a colonoscopy without meds than listen to this.

The Bieber interesting

Makes sense. He's about as ghetto as MJ was.

Eeew. I agree with Carney from the Black Keys. Kids today deserve a better rebel role model. I'd rather give birth sideways than listen to that dreck.

Sounds like a viable alternative to waterboarding, when interrogating captured terrorists. Jack Bauer would approve.

...The rest of us, not so much.

'the new release will be released' ?

- will it be presented in the present, or is it a projected project ?

- a recreational re-creation ? an import of import ?

Will Bieber ever be invited to sing a long with The Rock Bottom Remainders?

What do Michael Jackson and JC Penny have in common?

little boys underwear half off!

Bada Bing

Cross country bus trip: Who would you rather be trapped next to, Bieber or Jackson?

Or would you rather have a mandatory Manilow screen saver?

I'll listen to "Copacabana" during my med-free colonoscopy before I listen to this.


They will be accompanied by Tito Beiber.

*Gives wanderer2575 a bullet to bite on*

Thanks, NC. And to answer your question -- the RBR have too much actual talent for him.

How about a duet with Stevie Wonder " Ebony and Puberty "...?

NC - so wanderer2575 will be shooting off at the mouth?

It* couldn't happen to two nicer guys.

*I'll let you wonder what 'it' is.

Is this the Dumb & Dumber remake soundtrack?

I think they're missing some quotation marks in the title.

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