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April 24, 2014


High school senior kicked out of prom for wearing pants

(Thanks to nursecindy)


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No offense, but she looks like a jockey.

I hope she sues, and wins. Being "PC" is out of control in the school system.

Talk about your creeping fascism. NO DRESS CODE, lady.

My favorite line was in this version - "arguably prestigious" is a great characterization.

she forgot to take her meth

oh, *CALM DOWN* & read the post about the pantless walmart dude

Sheesh - just take the pants off. Problem solved.

Send her to the bus station to buy some panties, then to WallyMart so she can show them off....

Hillary got kicked out of the state department for wearing pants!

I've been to the Cherryville Country Club. It's not that prestigious, arguably or otherwise. Afterall, it let me in!

I think that 1) the teacher needs to apologize for subjectively ejecting a student from prom and 2) the pricipal needs to answer the mom's email or phone call.

If that had been done, I don't think we'd be reading about it on the interwebs.

At last, Jeannie C. Riley can write a second hit.

There is a wonderful word, "officious", that would apply in this case.
That was a lesson in my early training as a health inspector. No matter how much you might want to; no matter how much you really NEEDED deep down in your soul to swat this jerk in front of you, does the law say you have that power? This came before guilt or innocence in your mind.
If it's not against the law to be a scumbag, then a scumbag he may be if he wishes.
The young lady deserves an apology.

holy taco, this sucks, she will only ever have one PROM and they stole it. she has the confidence and style to be herself, and some pissant slaps her down. Karma is a Bitch, and it is coming your way prude censor.

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