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April 22, 2014


We have been unable to post anything for the past few days because Typepad was hit by -- and here we are quoting the Typepad people -- "a distributed denial of service (DDoS)." This is technical jargon: It means "squirrels."


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*hugs blog tightly*

We missed you!

I will recover from the DTs soon I hope.

Meaning: we won't call it an "outage," because we would have to reimburse you for that. The service-level agreement says nothing about DDoSes.

Free WiFi has gotten out of hand for small, furry creatures

Disturbed, deranged order of squirrels.

Wow, we have to worry about squirrel script kiddies now, too, eh? The bastards are getting smarter. o.O

They should've had Chloe open up a new socket!

Error 503 All backends failed or unhealthy

All backends failed or unhealthy
Guru Meditation:

XID: 3761995214

Varnish cache server

WTF??! That's what I got - too many rock band names to mention!

- if your backend fails or is unhealthy, see your doctor . . .

ALL of my backends are completely healthy, thank you very much! And I resent suggestions to the contrary!!

ALL of my backends are completely healthy, thank you very much! And I resent suggestions to the contrary!!

Astute observers will know that "Guru Meditation" errors originated on the Commodore Amiga computer. And by "Astute observers", I mean old computer geeks.

Glad the blog is back.

What a relief! I thought It was my fault.

Thank God! I was going through Blog withdrawal. Last night I had a nightmare that 24 was on and we couldn't live blog it because normnuke had broken the Blog. *SMACKS* normnuke.

Unhealthy Backends opened for Talking Heads.

*finally stops hyperventilating* HALLELUJAH! The Blog is risen!

*packs handbasket with sammiches*

I blame the Visigoths and global, etc.

If only the squirrels could be trained, maybe even bribed. We could aim them at various group anonymously, and no one will ever know who really did it. They will be surrounded by the enemy, and never know it.

Onto the white house website to write Butts all over the place! BWAHAHAHAHA... I mean, hey look, a distraction.

...here we are quoting the Typepad people -- "a distributed denial of service (DDoS)." This is technical jargon: It means "squirrels."

Either that, or someone with a Typepad blog really pissed off "Anonymous" (or the Chinese government).

There realy should be a backup plan for when the blog goes down. Here's a rough idea: Dave or Judy sends stories out via postcard ....you remember...snailmail. They could use the thousands of Floridian postcards I saw at that omnipresent Ron Jon place. We can think of funny replies and mail them back on postcards of our area, and Dave or Judy can send copies of these back out to all. Dave could include free drink coupons at Applebees.

Guru Meditation! All hail the might Amiga!

Mighty Amiga. That too.

We told you to varnish the cache server! but would you listen? Noooo. Too busy in the Austin drunk tank, weren't you?

We know what really happened.

Celebratory SNORKs all around!

Next time, just use Walter to beat up the squirrels.

= = = > tell me judi was not fired for this, please < = = =

alL ur b@se are be1ong tØ üs

The light! I can see light breaking throught the darkness of bloglessnesses!

We missed you. And we're sure you missed us.

I almost started posting anonymously. Glad I didn't panic. Sorry about the perimeter in advance.

It wasn't just the Daveblog, it was some of the others at blogs.herald.com as well.

A DDoS attack usually means hackers...or TERRORISTS!

I blame Marwan. It can't be a coincidence that "24" is about to come back on...


And the so-called United Nations did nothing!

I just drank and read Dave's new book to pass the time.

My BP is way down.

So glad you're back! {{Hugs to all}} On a serious note, the DDoS almost always involves extortion these days. Hope the Herald didn't cave.

"Yeah, you've got a nice set of blogs there. It'd be a real SHAME if anything were to ... HAPPEN to them..."

(Source: hubby does cybersecurity at state gov't level.)

Hackers are the reason many otherwise gentle, peace-loving people still support the death penalty.

I've never drank a book, Hogs(h)ate.

This outage was worse than a snow day!
(And living in Kalifornia, we had no snow this year, which is highly suspect as well)

A day wihout Dave Barry is like a day without sunshine, electricity, and a cool glass of healthy water.

Makes you wonder how our ancestors could stand it...

drinks all around...that is, if it's healthy water and
you have your own glass...

I am a serious liberal, but any punk that messes with a great blog should be tied down and smeared in peanut butter, and fed to the squirrels, or their cousins, the rats.

Blog withdrawal is very tough so happy that you're back.

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