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April 24, 2014


British burglar, 58, breaks out of prison to escape incessant hip-hop music

(Thanks to Jeff Meyerson)


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Punishment, Sir, sees you having numerous Michael Jackson tunes simultaneously stuck going around in your head.

Cruel and unusual punishment. No jury would convict.

♪ Gotta get a new 'hood
Cuz them tunes won't stop playin'
The beat keeps on poundin'
Ya know what I'm sayin?

If I stay at this priz I'll
Have no brain at all
Gonna hafta fo' shizzle
Hip-hop over the wall ♫

rap music = criminal records

Sounds like a "totally" defensible position to me!

Bravo Meanie! You da man.

UK must have no rules against cruel or unusual punishments.

someone send the man some headphones

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