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April 16, 2014


New Boise biz lets you destroy stuff with baseball bats, other tools

(Thanks to Craig Roberts)


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An activity for frustrated people with money and no self control.

I have friends who call this foreplay.

How much for Liberals? Conservatives? Politicians?

(And if some reader fails to comprehend the sarcasm/satire inherent in that series of questions, they need to re-read it ... until they DO see it ...)

I don't think this business would do well in Washington. Everything there is already broken.

If only rain lamps hadn't gone out of style years ago...

I prefer blowing up stuff on the ranch, thanks.

This is gonna save a lot of wear and tear on my POS car.

I will buy the entire Northeast franchise. We have a lot of hostility up here.

I could go for a GW-Bush pinata, and when it broke open, all the money I lost when he crashed our economy would come out, that would be awesome.

Oh And Fck You GW and all your cowboy-thieves, Rummy. Darth Cheney, etc.

I felt the same way, billb, until I saw his recent oil paintings.

Then I wanted TWO pinatas.

Dubya's paintings filled me with pity. He's so lost in this world of sober people. He should have had a quiet four years and retired while he still had his marbles, and instead he had to deal with 9-11 and slicks like Cheney and Rove.

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