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April 14, 2014


KFC debuts chicken drumstick corsage

(Thanks to Charles Cates, Jon Harris and Jay Brandes)


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April 14, 2004
• posted by Dave 08:48 AM
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We keep getting email from people, some of them irate, who want this blog to fix the clock, because apparently this blog is off by an hour. In response, we would like to say that: (1) We don't know how to fix the damn clock, and (2) If you are relying on this blog for the accurate time, or anything else that involves accuracy, then you are on the wrong blog. This blog is about issues. Thank you.

The time at the tone is eleventeen hundred hours centigrade. BEEP.


You tell'em, Dave! Give 'em hell! :)

Posted by: Blogchik on April 14, 2004 08:50 AM

I'm surprised they didn't go with a corsage of the center breast piece. You know the old line....'a 3rd one to hold on to while dancing.' ;)

It's 11:02 AM somewhere so your clock is accurate and correct and also right.

Probably the most pathetic act of corporate desperation since Ronald McDonald began promoting Egg McMuffins as substitutes for ear muffs.

Beeeep ! ( heh heh... that was fun )

If you are traveling and feel romantic and buy one of these things and eat it, constant runs to the toilet are as romantic as it is going to get while food poisoning provides fun loving sexual stimulus.

I'm quoting Dave on the subject of time. I have nothing better to do.

In what could be seen as a troubling omen, on March 10, millions of Americans are forced to turn their clocks ahead one hour, despite repeated assurances from the Obama administration that “if you like the current time, you can keep the current time.”

With spiders, the male offers the female a tasty treat so he can jump her while she's eating something else. Just saying...

Nothing says luuuuuv like Extra Crispy.

At the prom, it will be the old question of breast or thigh. The chicken is secondary.

Just thhing for two greasy kids on a date: more grease and some chicken to eat....

And the chicken matches the dress???

Why do KFC ad agents think wedding dresses are 'greasy"?

I think 60 minutes needs to do an expose

PS in the links folling the story, it said that Doctor Who got millions from Medicare?

Is that why PBS is running his shows now?

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