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April 27, 2014


Unfortunately our strict policy prohibits us from bringing you the Pipeline Project Manager of the Week.

(Thanks to Unholy Slacker)


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In case of Mr. Hardon lasting longer than four hours consult a physician immediately.

'expert at laying pipe'

He has 188 connections. is that a lot for a pipe fitter?

Ummm, anybody else look at the "People Also Viewed" links on the right? Definitely a theme going on.

Loves them box culverts.

No doubt there's been a bulge in the # of viewings of this site.

Would this be considered 6th grade humor or 5th grade ?

His brother Hugh is very popular with the ladies.

People who 'Google' the surname 'Hardon' for humorous effect have entirely too much wasted time on their hands.

He is a structural engineer!

Pad, I call shenanigans on Mr. Tuna.

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