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April 15, 2014


Maternity-wear designer Rosie Pope says her pal — who works at Disney, no less — recently shelled out $1,200 for an Elsa doll on eBay after she promised her daughter one for her “Frozen”-themed birthday party.

(Thanks to funny man)


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Hand Lauren and Megan a sack of marbles and a pocket knife each and tell them to knock off the whining.

I actually have a Frozen doll that I paid $30 for at our local Walmart. It was a birthday gift. I thought $30 was too much. These people are nuts.

“She didn’t want to disappoint her daughter.”
“The kids cry, but the parents are the problem. They try to guilt us, say their daughters are sick. They have no shame.”

Your egooo is a blow
To what parenthood should be-e-ee
Please forego - hey, just whoa
All indulgent premises

When my kids were young and we would be at the check-out lane where the store personnel would surreptitiously arrange candy at their eye level, they would start to whine about wanting – nay, NEEDING – high doses of sugary treats. I had several responses that worked.
“I’m sorry, are you saying something? I have special ears that can’t hear words in a whiney tone. Please speak in a regular voice if you’re talking to me.”

me: No
me: “Because I’m the Meanest Mom in the World.”
them: No, you’re not!
me: “Oh yes, I am! Every year, I win the National and World competition.”
them: No, you don’t ..
me: “Sure I do! You know how I go away for a long weekend every year and I come back with bags full of groceries? That’s the prize: a shopping spree to feed your family.”
them: well ..
me: “If I bought you candy right now, there’s no telling that one of the Contest’s secret spies would see me and then what would happen? They’d report it and I’d be out of the running. No, I’m sorry, but I’ve worked too hard for this title and I’m not about to give it up now.”

(By this time, there were parents from other lines looking over in our direction.)

MOTW - we're not worthy!!
By the way: “The sad thing is, when all this stuff gets restocked, they’ll be on to the next thing,”
..... so why are you still spending so much on something they will get over? Just wait for them to get over it.

Looks like a case of "get over yourself"

Remember cabbage patch dolls?



I had a "whine corner."

My mother almost got into a fist fight over a Cabbage Patch doll. It was her finest moment. I still have the doll too.

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