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April 08, 2014


Squirrel Week 2014: Ask a squirrel expert

(Thanks to Guin, via nursecindy)


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Question: What's the optimal marinade time for tender stew?

Is it possible to feed squirrels too much or do they just go bury their food when they are full? I sometimes feed them grapes which they seem to like but I get concerned that it could make their little furry stomachs wonky.
This is my favorite question on that article. There is nothing sadder than a squirrel with a wonky stomach.

from 'squirrel chat' (my favorites - a tie between 'tale' & 'focal')

Q: 'I have never listened to squirrel vocalizations but I am certain they also communicate with tale signs. I have twice used my arm to mimic tale waves and have gotten a response from squirrels outside my window. What do scientists know about the tale signs?'

A: You have the right to bear arms, butt never squirrel arms. Or tales.

Q:'I remember a time I threw an empty cup full of ice into a trash can when out popped a squirrel who was quite focal towards me over having been iced'.

A: How is an 'empty' cup 'full' of ice ? either way, you're gonna need MUCH more ice...

Some folk'll never ice a squirrel, but then again some focal...

probly the local yokels, squirrel's Head_Smashed_In with ice

My husband use to have a cousin that fed her squirrels premium cashews. Like $8.99lb.They would stand by her door wall begging for more. This one likes his cracker

Squirrel Week on the Discovery Channel. Do scientists have to be suspended in squirrel cages to prevent being hurt when the rabid squirrels attack?

Then send him to Florida, Theresa. There are a lotta crackers down there.

" Squirrel Pox "...? This is very bad...

There's so much crazy stuff in that chat...for example, the BBC has a show called "The Hairy Biker's Cookbook," and they have a recipe for sautéed gray squirrel. Apparently it goes with claret.



"...running up pants' legs in search of a nut..." That is, without doubt, the scariest sentence I've ever read in reference to squirrels.

Steve, you must simply learn to extract thrills -- not scary feelings -- from experiences like this. Allow Master Chris Matthews to teach you, as he has the rest of us.

Should I use my Glock or my 22 on the squirrels?

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