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April 23, 2014


Dog testifies in court in French murder case

(Thanks to Ned Tugent)


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Je m'appelle Fido.

"What's that, Lassie?"


"Your honor, I rest my case."

It makes sense. In 'Les Miserables', wasn't Javert a dogged pursuer?

the lab didn't support the testimony

Prosecutor: How was your day going when your Master was killed?
Dog: It was ruff.

That person over there is the one who did it!

A pooch named "Scooby" was called into a court and “barked furiously” when shown a possible suspect.

You mean he didn't point and identidy the perp? Then how the heck did he "manage" to talk in those TV movies? Shaggy would be so ashamed.....


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