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April 09, 2014


Will Your Next Toilet Paper Roll Be Made Of Jellyfish?

(Thanks to Jay Brandes)


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That'd sting.

yup. specially the tenstacles


Squeeze that, Mr. Whipple.

I'm not sure I trust a site that claims that jellyfish "...shoot their poison into the water..."
And cobras spit their poison at you.
And, wait, that didn't turn out right.

Iran's nukes will mean nothing if Israel has jellyfish TP.

i'll be dipped in shit before use jellyfish toilet paper. actually if i'm dipped in shit i may need a lot of jellyfish so i take it back.

Use a Man-O'-War if y'all have a "Fire in the Hole" ... ?

"For the most part, they’re useless, even dangerous, pests, as jellyfish swarm not only near beaches, but near intake pipes as well, often clogging them up."

i couldn't get past this gem of a sentence. oy, bring back the editors!

Hold the phone, Mabel.

“Right now, these items" (paper towels, toilet paper, etc. "are made of synthetics, which take hundreds and thousands of years to break down,” said Ofer Du-Nour, chairman and president of Cine’al and head of investment firm Capital Nano."

In what universe are paper towels made of synthetics? It's WOOD PULP, dingus.

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