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April 01, 2014


Swedish man buys army tank 'on impulse'

Key Fact: "The purchase was encouraged by Johansson's mother."

(Thanks to Joe in Japan)


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Of course the problem is where to park it.

I know, anywhere you want to.

I saw the Swedish Tank wrestle Hulk Hogan in Berlin back in '86. Helluva fight.

The Swedes idea of including testosterone supplements in their drinking water has temporarily solved the nation's problem of a shortage of real men.

If Mom encouraged it, mebbe she thot it'd get him out of the basement ... eh?

It's probably easier to get parts for the vehicle than it is to get parts for a Saab.

At the price of fuel, I hope he had a good allowance.

Nice try, Dave. Sorry, not biting. (This time..)

Additional key word: amphibious.

Ah, to be young and tanked.

Dang ! I coulda used that yesterday in the traffic!

HA! Cut me off will ya! Blam!
Texting while driving? Blam!
Smartcar? Blam!

Driving 40 mph in the LEFT LANE! Blam and blam!( I'll put a heat round in for that.)

Did he look at the Carfax report first?

Meanie, I fell for it.

I call "shotgun"!

Amma Abbatank.

I met a guy a bit ago that did some electrical work in a private hanger in seattle, it was full to the brim with tanks, fighter jets and gun-helos, owned by .......

Paul Allen, the world's greatest geek, Way to go Paul, live the dream.

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