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April 07, 2014


Plane makes emergency landing because 390 cows onboard gave off too much heat

(Thanks to Mr. Ted Habte-Gabr and Mr. Art Silverman)


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I saw 300 Cows open for A Flock of Seagulls.

In the Wall Street Journal, this would be called 'Herd on the Street'

The land of Mad Cow Disease had to import Hot Cow Mania?

Instead, they concluded that the alarm was set off by the cows.

Tampering with the smoke detectors is a Federal Offense!

It would seem too much cow "heat" would make the plane lighter, use less fuel, be more green.

A cow is an offal thing to waste.

I didn't know they could fit that many House Minority Leaders on a plane.

I know that some Irishwomen are a bit hefty, but it rude for the newspaper to call them 'cows'.

Bags fly free?

Oh sure, blame the cows. *SMACKS* Max.

Probably one of them refused to stop playing Words With Friends for takeoff.

Sumthin' doesn't add up in Cowplaneland ... if 390 cows averaged an estimated 1,500 pounds (US weight), then the plane's payload limit was exceeded by more than 100 percent ... if the cows weighed only 1,000 # each, the cargo was still over the payload limit ...

Someone has some serious 'splainin' to do ...

Of course they were hot. To get 390 cows into economy class, you'd really have to shoehorn them in.

I definitely learned something from this story but I still have MANY questions.

"When Pigs Cows fly,

the birds will start walking..."

They didn't know it was the heat issue until after the plane was on the ground and an investigation was conducted. I can imagine the reaction in the cockpit when that alarm came on. The word pucker comes to mind.

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