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April 04, 2014


Woman sued for $2 million after boyfriend torches squirrel on apartment deck, starts massive fire

(Thanks to Ralph)


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Did he get to eat the squirrel? How can they not include the most important detail?

If that lease says they can' took a squirrel with a torch on the porch, those lawyers were pretty good.

Chanthalavong being from Laos or Thailand and not familiar with US laws makes it incredible seafood was not involved.

Maybe, for next time, someone could acquaint Mr. Chanthalavong with the device known as a "razor".

This "procedural technique" sounds similar to that of the Hmungs who've virtually taken over parts of The Cities ... (as described to me by an acquaintance who lives there)

Isn't there an 'act of war' exemption? This was just collateral damage. He should be given a medal.

We personally consider blow-torching a squirrel an entirely reasonable act.

2 million may sound kind of steep, but I'm sure there's a lawyer for the squirrels involved. They take quite a large nut, after all.

The squirrel set fire to the place after it was dead?
Was it a...Zombie Squirrel!!!!?

So much for women digging guys who can cook.

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