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April 09, 2014


They're going to kill Archie.

(Thanks to Rob Simbeck)


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He'll get over it.

i remember when edith died

Yeah yeah, and next issue four new guys will show up all claiming to be Archie... we know how this works.

Did anyone think to ask how Mehitabel is feeling about this?

Snork at PB!

What politically incorrect cause did he donate to ?

They killed Archie!

The bastards.

...Or was that Kenny?

I thought he was already dead and he is a zombie now. There is whole series called "Afterlife Archie".

No sequel to "Sugar Sugar"?

No, Jughead is the (un)dead one in Afterlife With Archie.

First Edgar, now this. What's the fictional world coming to?

Only Bucky stays dead.


(Then they broke THAT rule!)

Isn't Archie - America's oldest high-school student* - about ready to die of old age, anyway?

(*Well, the oldest high school student who isn't a sparkly emo vampire, anyway...)

Death unto Archie, but Archie shall rise in four days and bring bountiful fish to the cartoon universe. This "fishapocolypse' will cause a grimace of disgust in Veronica. And it shall be told that such a grimace is yes nay told upon her, and stones will be her downfall. And upon this blessed event (the fishopocolypse), others will rally for whatnot, and joy will spread.

Let us bow now before our saver, Archie, the ultimate Walmart shopper.

Ah men.

I think Archie may be in reruns at Creators.

This time Reggie has gone too far!
Or possibly Jughead finally snapped.

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