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April 06, 2014



(Thanks to Jan in Grimsby)


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The motor cooled down the heat went down
And that's when I heard that highway sound
The Cadillac sittin' like a ton of lead
A hundred and ten a half a mile ahead
The Cadillac lookin' like it's sittin' still
And I caught Maybelline at the top of the hill

Maybelline, why can't you be true
Oh Maybelline, why can't you be true
You done started back doin' the things you used to do

Keeping the neighborhood dogs entertained is a big job.

The dogs were very amused!

*saves a seat on the geezer bus for manual tomato*

Thank you. You saved what's left of my life. I want to mention you are talking to a guy who actually (Really!) rode in this very vehicle which was attached to and powered by the city's electricity lines. The year was B.C. which I will not mention and make myself look old.

"Gravity makes all the important decisions."

- John R. Powers

The dogs were definitely the highlight of that video.

Gee, the fedex guy never does that in my neighborhood...

Amazing he, er, it, missed the tree and the house.

yeah, I usually don't like the cute animal videos.

The empty Fedex van backs up much straighter than I do.


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