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April 06, 2014


P Vikram Naidu from Hyderabad had agreed to marry a girl from Machavaram, whose parents had even agreed to pay a dowry of Rs.10 lakh. However, a couple of days before the wedding, Naidu reportedly told the girl he would marry her only if her parents gave him another Rs.5 lakh as she was "heavy". The groom even suggested that she should shed 20 kg if she does not want to pay up.

(Thanks to Joe in Japan)


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Heartfelt reflections of 'I Love How You Love Me.'
-Bobby Vinton

He won't live out the year.

I worry more about her survival -- this is Hyderabad, after all.

He wanted more money to pad his "get-outta-town" stash?

She may have gotten away lucky.

He probably would have set her on fire. Literally.

We were in India not long ago and saw many references in the local papers to numerical multipliers like lakh and crore (as in this article's 'Rs. 5 lakh', meaning five hundred thousand rupees). Wikipedia has a good explanation of how they work.

Puts a new spin on the old joke "Your money or your wife."

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