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April 14, 2014


A Hundred-Pound Suit of Bees


(Thanks to wiredog)


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So instead of flowers the honey is made from humans? I don't get the stunt.

Does it come in any other colors?

This has been your screaming heebie jeebies moment of the day.

I can't even look at it. All it takes is one sting for me.....

Well... maybe the Penguin dance thing is better.

I saw Hundred-Pound Suit of Bees open for They Might Be Giants.

I'll bee damned.

I believe photo 10 was where the Taco Bell kicked in.

Am I the only person who thought that bee suit made him look fat?

Oh, bother.

Just looking at that makes me carry my epi pen a little tighter...

BEE-Lieve it or not?

Ripley would be so amazed and proud....

spray that with concrete and we got us a monument

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