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April 08, 2014


Naturalists Ask Residents to Look Out for Box Turtles

(Thanks to Ryan Young, who says "Surely we could outrun them.")


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hare today . . .

Washington on lock down. French surrender. Maryland recruiting.

Damn Mutant Ninja Turtles. Dangerous, especially if there's pizza around.

Interesting looking turtle. Kind of cute. It has nice markings on it. Some may think of turtle soup.

Sure, tortoises look as slow as Mitch. And most turtles and tortoises are slow.
But pick up even a small snapper and look him in the eye and you'll be known forevermore as Ol' No Nose.

I had no idea turtles could box.I knew they could race because I've been to Brennan's in Marina del Rey....

Maybe they meant a box lunch of turtle soup?

Yeah, fine. I got nuthin' but a *snork* at Gargoyle.

I feel the urge to knit cosies. The shark and stegosaurus are best. Perhaps a sea anemone?

Turtle Stampede really WBAGNFARB

Just recruit a bunch of early teen boys, they often search out naturalists and could spot their box turtles.

What naturalist means something else now? I'm going back to the geezer bus.

Slow news day.

Send them to Washington.

"What happened?"
"I don't know, it all went down so fast!"

I thought they said "naturists" (AKA Nudists). I'm sure no naturists wants to be near a snapping turtle.

I also thought it said "naturist" and as an AANR card-carrier I have no desire to be anywhere near a turtle. Bad enough I have one attached to me when I get out of the pool. I WAS IN THE POOL!!!!

S T A M P E D E...

I think turtles are the oldest family of reptiles. I could be wrong though......

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