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April 09, 2014


A person wearing a beaver costume entered a nightclub in Swansea and stole a bottle of blackcurrant cordial valued at about 60p.

(Thanks to Ralph)


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I'm pretty sure he went outside and shared it with the damn squirrels.

You were a little hard on the Beaver last night, Ward.

Yeah, they couldn't show a toilet on the show but talking about beaver was apparently ok!

Nice Beaver!

A sweaty beaver running down the stairs is not worth chasing?

"So, you think you can beat this rap by playin' it cool? Lemme tell ya one thing I've learned in my years as a cop -- beavers don't do well in prison."

Hmm, Catherine Zeta-Jones is from Swansea.

Just sayin'.

Hey Jeff, was that a bald beaver?

He was only looking for a beaver shot.

I wasn't familiar with the bald beaver species so I had to Google it....OMG!!!!!

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