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April 19, 2014


I'm heading to Texas today for a show tonight in Austin. Austin is known for many things, including bats. I am sincerely hoping not to see any.


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Be sure to keep clear of the batty Ex's who live in Texas.

Say hi to Steve.

What if you don't actually see bats, but feel them zip past your head. Is that ok?

One good way to see bats up close is to go fishing on a Summer night with a lantern.
Insects are attracted to the light; bats follow the insects. Don't flinch when a bat nails a moth within inches of your face.
BTW, bats appear to be unable to detect fishing lines, so collisions do occur.
Also, it's Spring! I know because there is a turkey orgy going on within sight of the farm house. One male and six (count 'em-six!) females. He'll die happy.

Do not miss the BBQ ..

The bats are under the Congress street bridge in large quantities. Sunset is the best time to see them. Do not feed them.

Welcome back to Austin, Dave! Don't worry; the bats are busy having babies right now, and don't usually emerge en masse (French for LOOK OUT) until summertime.


Hope you get to see some bluebonnets while you're here!

The only thing more frightening than a bat under a bridge is a bunch of grouchy, pregnant bats under a bridge.

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