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April 19, 2014


So here I am.


The locals are VERY excited.



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Looks like she's goin' for her sex shooters.

I didn't know Austin was the birthplace of cannon twerking.

Glad you made it here, Dave! Have some BBQ, see the bluebonnets, and don't worry about that gal. I'm sure she'll love your show. However, if at any point you hear a long hissing sound, run for cover!

Ah... the famous " Ann Richardson on July 4th " bronze.

She looks like she's afraid the fool thing will go off.

Hope they gave you some barbecue. There's this place north of town, down in a creek bed. Heavenly.

She looks like she is anxious that the cannon will be going off soon.

Ah, the famous statue of the librarian shooting at people stealing library books. Or something that.

By the way, we're in our seats. Stop screwing around on the internet and let's get this thing started.

"The humorists are coming! The humorists are coming!"

With all Dave's books, I realize he's published quite a canon. That statue must be a typo.

This is how we keep people off our lawns.

Clinton would have done the address for sex.

Make sure you stand up in the bar and shout "Boomer Sooner". They love that in Austin.

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