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April 14, 2014


Japanese company creates iPhone case using a dead marine isopod


(Thanks to Ralph)


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They've completely misunderstood what an Ipod is

Ipod, arthropod - it's easy to get confused.

If you put it up to your ear you can hear the ocean.

If you put it to your nose, you can smell the ocean.

I saw the Dead Marine Isopods warming up for GWAR back in '94. Helluva show.

Oh, sure ... put yer phone in one of these, and when one sets it down on the sofa, some do-goder comes along and drops it into the aquarium ... to "save" the critter ... nemmine the phone ...

Bet it doesn't fit in the pocket on a t-shirt very well ...

If I saw it on a couch, I wouldn't throw it in an aquarium. I would probably beat it to death with a hammer. I've read way too many H P Lovecraft stories.

A true conversation piece.

well, the kitchen table, then ... or in the bathroom ...

but now that y'all mention HPL ... yeah ...

Can two isopods talk to each other this way? Probably makes it hellish to mate.

Fits right into the pocket of my... ummmm... oversized coveralls?

Yeah, pad' ... in a t-shirt, them claws would kinda hurt the rampartal regions ... coveralls or bibs ... or kevlar, mebbe?

This could lead to attempted isopod gastronomy, which is not good for the iPhone.

"But it was the best butter."

Apple users are already lining up, but the cognoscenti are waiting for the champagne color.

When iphones are outlawed, only isopods will have iphones!

wait, that doesn't make sense....as if isopods ever did...

put it on a thick gold chain and Puffy and Laze-E will want one.

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