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April 03, 2014


This Frenchman is currently living inside a bear’s carcass.


How A Bear Carcass Differs From A Courthouse Elevator: That means he’ll eat, sleep, drink and — yes — go to the bathroom inside the bear.

(Thanks to Vernon Bowen)


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He must be a pickle short. Who would do that in their right mind.

Does a man sh!t in a bear? Whut?

I bearly understand performance art.

This Frenchman is currently living inside a bear’s carcass. He calls it art.

well hello, Art. I see you're having a kodiak moment

Yea, didn't we have a bear enthusiast up in Alaska a couple of years ago who did this first?
Maybe not "first" but he did wind up inside an actual bear.

I'll bet he's a Cubs fan...

Us USofA folks often call bears Fozzie, Smoky, or Teddy ... but he's frum France, so he's gotta go all Arty on us ...

Bears do all that inside a bearskin all the time. What's the big deal?

What? Why?

If the bear could do it, he can too.

It's a French thing. You wouldn't understand.

...Neither do I, actually...

The definition of art being, evidently, anything at all you want to do to get attention.

Two questions: (1) Why a bear and not a poodle ? (2) How fast does that bear go in reverse ?

beary manintow? how un-original...

If he wants to match the genius in Alaska, Timmy Treadwell, he will have to get his girlfriend inside a bear as well. And they will have to film it.

And he thought that they smelled bad on the *outside*!

But can he read inside of a bear, or is it like Groucho's dog?

Also, does the inside of a bear cure rheumatism?

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