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April 29, 2014


Miami Ranked the Third Least Funny City in America

(Thanks to Chuck Cody)


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Cmon....Dave by his lonesome self places the city in the top 10 !

And the sports teams should help.

Did you hear the one about the traveling comedian and the farmer's daughter?

It's because SOMEBODY doesn't write his column anymore.

doesn't 'most hilarious crimes' count for anything ?

D.C. is quite funny, agreed.

Chicago is funny, but only as in odd funny. I don't think what they do to pizza is funny. Criminal is more like it.

And where is NY on this list? What the hey? It's the flippin' fountain of funniness, the country's freakin' funnybone, for cripes sake.

This study is a joke.

See, Mr Blog, you just have to tweet more.

Miamianos don't use search engines for online humor, they just come to this Blog.

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