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April 03, 2014


Left-handed people have better sex

(Thanks to Allen at Division)


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I am left handed and in all of my years can't say that I was ever disappointed. Not really.

with themselves

There, fixed it.

Maybe they're more likely to settle for less.

SNORK @ elon!

Better than what? Mr. Language Person needs to slap these "reporters" because using an adverb like "better" without tellings us WHAT they are comparing is like putting only one leg in the trouser....

Anyone can (and often does) tell us this or that is
better, but "better than what"? This "lack of completion" is a sign someone is trying to bamboozle you! Ask any politican....

Does this mean they "have" better sex. Not necessarily "give" better sex.

I'm left handed and I always enjoy it.

Billy Squirer "The Stroke" said it all, years ago!

Lalalalalalala, I don't want to hear it! My daughter is a leftie.

Well, yeah. So you can turn the pages with the right hand.

It's true.

The batteries last longer.

That's not *Right*!!!!

I've been doing it left-handed since I was 13 years old. Does that count?


Ya mean ... it gets BETTER?!?!!

(Actually, the righties that don't have as much fun, have prolly got a left-hand thread ...)

(Whut? Sumbuddy hadda say it ...)

I think that means left-handed people have better partners. This is similar to the rule that the wife always has better in-laws than the husband.

We'd explain why, but we don't think you'd understand.

Well I am a lefty and I am fairly sure after seeing that dress that J.Jones is wearing in the article, that she is my soul-mate.

I'm ambidextrous with a strong left flavor.
I had a girlfriend once who made me switch things around every once in a...hmmm. Never mind.

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