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April 14, 2014


Dog Chosen for Jury Duty?

(Thanks to Rob Simbeck)


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I have no problem with a dog on the jury per se, but is it legal to have a juror who is only 5 years old?

If the collar doesn't fits, you must acquit.

"Stop treating him like a dog! He's family!"

--Shaggy on the old Scoobie Doo shows

I've seen every episode of the old Scooby Doo shows, and I can't recall Shaggy EVER saying that.

I'm no expert, but from the evidence, Shaggy may have some memory impairment.
(He's the stoner, right? I am way too old for this).

Well, the dog did have a valid Florida driver's license.

Sometimes there's a fine (yellow) line between peers and pee-ers.

B!tches and Sires of the Jury...

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