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March 08, 2014


It's only Dave.

(Thanks to Chuck Cody)


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Gonna have to give up on my "Napalm In The Morning" cologne, then, if I go to the airport.

"...sniffing system isn’t full proof."

It's more like a small ale.

Makes scents to Moi Ownself ...

Annie, that's deep-seeded evidence that that someone hasn't honed in on the roots of their phraseology and proof of their foolishness.

Wouldn't every teenage boy in America smell like Axe Body Spray?

I don't know what 'indentified' means. I think it's funny that there's an ad for proofreaders at the top of the page though.

NuseCindy: You mean they don't? Walking the corridors of my local BigBox store (Whose name sounds like HallMart), you could literally gag on the stuff.

Heard in the back seat while transporting tween boys to soccer practice:
1: I forgot to wash my uniform after the game Sunday
2: What did you do?
1: I used a whole bunch of Axe. It will be fine

I point out that these are the boys of the age being discussed in Dave's book

Hopefully Dave has a good smell.

Dave's talk is being streamed live at booksandbooks.com

I thought my uncle had already patented the " Pull my finger " identity system.

How many people here have walked into a room and just known which dog had been in there?
And I don't think that smell came from an armpit.

What kind of a fool misspells fool ?

Would Davesmell = book+tunasandwich?

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