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March 13, 2014


Tonight I'll be in Oakland to do an event for a Great Good Place for Books at the Montclair Presbyterian Church, which will probably be struck by lightning for having me there, but I hope you can come out anyway. Thanks to the great crowd that came out last night to Third Place Books in Seattle.


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I think lightning strikes are reserved for children of Presbyterian ministers, so you're probably OK.

At least there are still bookstores out there. If they ever get rid of all of them you'll have to do book signings at libraries or something like that. I wish you would come to Michigan for one

People actually read in Oakland? Turns out I learn something new every day!

I'm gonna miss Dave.

*keeps handbasket running in parking lot . . .*

Dave Barry Glows at Book Signing

Last evening a gigantic bolt of lightning struck a man inside Montclair Presbyterian Church who earlier had complained of writer's cramp due to as He put it, "sihning too many of these *$@damn books." A nearby PIP was also injured by the apparent pinpoint directed message from above, but managed to dance back and forth in rhythm until paramedics arrived.

Struck by lightning?
Reminded me of the time my wife's mother asked me why, oh why wouldn't I go to church?
I told her it made me uncomfortable when the smoke came out of my ears and the flames singed my nose hairs.
And she "took me serious".
Woman wouldn't know a joke if it bit her on the...seat. And that one couldn't do much but gum it up.

I'm gonna miss Dave.

Posted by: nursecindy | March 13, 2014 at 12:14 PM

I won't.

Don't worry. Whenever I visit my kinfolks' Presbyterian church I don't hear the pastors preaching "faith." "Faith Journey" is their thing. And good news - no matter where you ended up on the belief/non-belief spectrum, it constitutes a "faith journey!"

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