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March 07, 2014


...except that this one's about bacon.

(Thanks to everyone in the known world)


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This would be a very bad idea for people with dogs.

My SIL toyed with the idea of opening an "All Things Bacon" restaurant in St. Augustine.
I was torn between thinking it would fail for being too specialized and thinking it would put all the other food places out of business.

Not one of your rasher decisions...

It won't take long for the sizzle & scent of faux bacon to morph into the bittersweet feeling of a broken promise on a cold morning.

I.e. - 'yay - bacon!' quickly becomes 'ugh - I'm lying to myself.'

I can't believe it's not bacon!

I'm pretty sure the thrill would be gone once I eat my alarm clock.

fo' shizzle faux sizzle

And here I thought canned bacon was depressing.


At least you can actually eat the Tactical Bacon...

I have tried to launch a business called BaconWagon that would deliver freshly cooked bacon, much like a pizza delivery, upon command.

We're spreading joy, and a little grease, for just $3.95 a rasher!

We're making bacon, so you don't have to!

Picture an Econovan with a pig snout in front and a curly tail on the rear, with bacon smoke coming out the tail. Who wouldn't love it? Well, I guess some people would have religious objections.

Another dog-eats-iPhone story

I wonder if this is like the bacon mouthwash that Scope came out with last year.

Not a bad idea.
Bacon is NOT the first thing to assault my sense of smell in the morning.

We're going to need a bigger iPhone.

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