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March 03, 2014


World's oldest cheese found in China

(Thanks to Janice Gelb and Nelson from Michigan)


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Is it properly aged, now?

Who would have thought that the Packers had fans in China thousands of years ago.

Cue the Joan Rivers jokes.

is this a 'chinese pirate' - Capt Jack Sparrow ?!

Forbidden ??

sorry -
it's Monterey Jack Sparrow cheese

Mummy, did we ever eat government cheese?

After a few beers, that cheese might not look half bad.

Strange, my wife swears that some of the cheeses I eat smell like something died.
And, yes, there are some the dogs would not eat.

HAAA Steve, good one, You know its good cheeze when no one wants to share
[looking at you dog]

Anyone from the midwest ever have to suffer through the cooking of head cheese?

That's reason enough to leave the Great White North!

"It's either very old meat or very new cheese"..$

cue up the python cheese shop skit....

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