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March 19, 2014


Tonight at 7 I'll be at the Louisville Public Library talking about You Can Date Boys When You're Forty. There will be a 5,000-gallon vat of mint julep.

Last night I had a nice event at Maryville University; thanks to all who came out. Afterward I had dinner with fellow author C.J. "Chuck" Box, a fine author who's touring for his new book, Stone Cold. Chuck is a western individual who wears an actual cowboy hat, which is how I was able to locate him in the restaurant. Here we are after a few beverages, preparing to ride out of the hotel onto the range to wrangle some heifers. 



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"Wrangle some heifers" Is that what you kids are calling it these days?

Go get-um Dave. You would look good in a cowbow hat too. That's a really nice picture. Have a good book signing.

Hey that's "Chuck" C.J. Box Berry? Louisville...C.J. may be there at the bar tonight with Muhammad Ali and He and Stone Cold Steve Austin can wrestle. Hopefully you drink enough early and get back to your room before Mr. Box gets any more ideas about following you around and wrangling up more heifers.

Does Mrs. Blog know that you are looking at heifers?

Heifer wrangling's much safer than steer wrangling.

... there's usually less horns.

Y'all wanna be careful if hangin' around with them wranglers ... sometimes their activities are endless ... they go on for heifer and heifer ...

- so line jumpers @ C.J.'s book signing are box cutters ?

How much do heifers wrangle for these days ?

I wonder what strumpeting authors talk about when their paths cross? I have a feeling alcohols tears are involved. One of the blogits was kind enough to post a video of the Washington D.C. book signing. As expected it was hilarious. I wanted to see Dave in Atlanta but stupid me broke my ankle and couldn't go. Hurry up and write another book, Dave. I'll try to stay in one piece for the next book tour.

Looks like authors all buy their sport coats at the same place. Mr. Box, however, does not sport the blue shirt. Ten gallon hat refers to how many beers it would take to get me in one.

All hat, no cattle?

Be careful on the trip back to Florida Dave, the Devil is loose in Tennesse.

hmm, that link didna take:


'heifer wrangling' is one of the many activities that are probably much less interesting than I think, if only I knew what they were.

Translation: the line for beer was really long. We were waiting for heifer.

You can tell how good a cowboy is by the size of his buckle? Did you measure CJ's, Dave?

C.J. wrote a book?

Upcoming collaboration. Cowboy Bob and the Cowcatchers.

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