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March 06, 2014


Even though Typepad has been quixotic today, The Blog's been hard at work... umm... you know, talking to people and stuff.

Dave and meanie

Dave and barbara


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Apparently Dave crossed paths with James Lileks while strumpeting. I'd watch my back, if I were Dave.

Wow, what nice looking blue shirt! You should see if you can borrow it Dave.

Dave, this encounter should show you that you CAN come out, quit wearing a rug, and let your chrome dome shine like the rest of us.

Being one of the two people pictured here, I can attest that Dave did more than merely talk to people. He read excerpts, described the book's contents, answered audience questions, signed books, and smiled for photos. He even complimented the locale, Paramus, NJ, which he described as "dark", once he was informed where he specifically was.

Thanks again, Dave. Laughing with you in person is even better than laughing at you on the page or screen.

hi meanie! oh yeah, u 2 dave...

Men In Blue!

Nice one, Meanie.

I got my copy of The Book yesterday so will be prepared for tomorrow's signing, talk, drinking with bloglits, etc.

Relax, Dave. You'll be back in the warm Florida sunshine with the crazies soon.

Um, what happened to my post?

This is nuts. Now it's back.

Anyway, since Judi has been too busy looking for men in kilts to update the blog, some of you won't have seen Dave in USA Today.

Don't miss it.

Nice to see you in person Meanie!

Ditto NMUA! So good to actually "see" you after all these years!

*SMACKS* Jeff for the kilt picture. Ladies, do NOT click on Jeff's link.
I would like to know why every article and review for Dave's book includes his age. You never see "Jane Austen, age 239, is the author of Pride And Prejudice". I read a review on Amazon yesterday where a woman said she was disappointed that there weren't any real tips in Dave's book on how to deal with a teenager. If you're looking for real life parenting tips in a humor book the problem may not lie with the teenager, iykwim. Also, hubba hubba Meanie.

Don't blame me, cindy. It's Judi's fault.

How's your ankle today? Making you grouchy?


Thanks for the updates Jeff. I don't know what that was in a kilt. I would have shot it with my finger if it moved!

*SMACKS* Jeff for implying that I'm grouchy. I broke my ankle this past weekend so I have every right to be a little bit... grouchy. It's a slightly better today.

Please a in the above comment. Obviously the pain medication is either turning me into an Italian or is messing with my ability to write a coherent sentence.

Rhapsody in Blue.

... um ... Rock'n'Roll in Blue ?

Christmas carols?

Singin' in the shower?

... um ... ennybuddy got a kazoo?

Glad you're feeling better, cindy. Just stay off it. Too bad you can't train the dogs to fetch you drinks and food.

I found a guy who makes house calls.

I PROMISE you'll like this one a lot better than the other guy.

NC ~ A broken ankle? That must have been some waxing session...

I'll take him anytime. Don't forget to give Dave a hug and kiss from me when you see him tomorrow.

The woman in the second photo, below Dave's right arm, is another Bloglit. She was well ahead of me in the book-signing line, and I didn't know who she was until Dave mentioned her blogname to me. She was gone at that point.

Sorry not to have met ....

I always pictured MTB wearing a bandana, eyepatch, and several gold teeth. (is "grills" the venacular now?). He kinda looks "normal". This is why the written word is so powerful.

Yet Meanie's aura is so strong, the entire photo is tinted blue...


When you are on the mend, we can "catch up" with Jeff with the Bikini wax Mobile.

Jeff, you have been warned.

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