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March 07, 2014


Just reading this makes me tired.


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There's an ad from some hotel group with Helen Mirren on that link. She looks better than Dave, and she's two years older. She had a head start, though.

But Dave hasn't had plastic surgery (as far as we know).

Another day, another sore wrist.

Living proof of the power of laughter. And let's see Helen Mirren run down 54th Street.

I might have to track down a copy this weekend (it's on my Father's Day list... the only item on the list) to check with the funeral plans. I need to update my ash bucket list.

Dave's first stop tomorrow is a Costco, which is practically giving the book away, being even cheaper than Amazon (by several dollars).

So far it is just hilariously funny. Nice one, Dave.

Dave I got your book yesterday and hope to start reading it tonight. It looks funny.

Notice that he had to TURN AROUND to tell the publicist that he was 'too old for this.' That meant he was OUTRUNNING the publicist. Must have been a heckuva tunafish sandwich. Kudos!

And this is why I don't write more books - too much running and signing.... ;p

I can tell you I laughed so hard in parts of the book that I tinkled.

But that isn't really unusual since I tinkle when I cough and when I sneeze and pretty well any other activity besides death.

If you read the book backwards you an here Paul saying, "Sixty-six and not dead, I wouldn't have it any other way ku-ku-Kachoo."

Try JUST A LITTLE HARDER, Dave, and I might buy the book.
Oh, heck, I'm looking for it tomorrow.
Dave could write one called "Dave Barry Enters a Nursing Home" and it would still be so funny I'd drool.
Not that this is anything different.

Dave Barry, thank you for your work. That is all.

Mikey, I know what you mean. And you aren't even as old as me or Dave.

Funny, funny stuff.

I, being the ultimate procrastinator, will have to go down the street to the giant bookstore tomorrow and pay top dollar. It's the least I can do for Sophie's college tuition.

I pre-ordered it; got it Tuesday as promised; and finished it Tuesday night and chortled myself to sleep. Dave, you have to write longer books. Fortunately, I treat your oeuvre like some folks treat the Bible, the Koran, or the Torah. When I finish the most recent, I go back to the beginning and start over. Not a bad way to live. (And yes: Benchley got me started, too - back in about 1955. Infinite praise to all who make us laugh!)

I saw Bruce Springsteen last week. He is not "to big" to come to New Zealand. Dave, are you "too big", or did you swell up after having a reaction to the tunafish sandwich?

“I was running down 54th Street in New York yesterday, holding a tuna fish sandwich, to get to a radio interview on time,”

For just one brief but wonderful moment i thought, "What the hell was Dave doing running down 54th Street while holding a tuna fish?!?!"

" I laughed so hard I tinkled " isn't much of an endorsement. I do that every time I read a Paul Krugman op ed.

Note to Clankazoid: it's not the column, it's you.


Note to Dave: You would probably get there faster if you were holding onto a bus rather than a tuna fish sandwich.

Dave obviously is insecure in his success, causing him to work so hard to promote his books. He recalls those hard times when he was merely featured in hundreds of newspapers and had only a Pulitzer to show for it.

I bought the latest book in Kindle edition, and I'm really enjoying it. I hope I can catch a book signing and have Dave sign my electrons...

I took a photo of Dave's signature on one of the books he already signed for me. It's on my smartphone. That's about as close as I can get to this strumpetition. My bad.

Hurry home, Dave, so you can start writing your next book and eventually go on another book tour that might possibly be closer to me.

Maybe we should suggest topics & titles for the next book:

"You're never too old to...wait, what was I saying and who the hell are you?"

"Rock Bottom Reminders - Bran New Senility Tour - Real hair, real loud, real bad."

Dave's 66? How come there's no Dave Barry Turns 60?

Dave should be very glad.
I was TOO LATE to pick up a copy. And I tried in several stores.

I'm a few years younger and get out of breath just running to the loo with a book - ANY book. I'm impressed with your stamina Dave.

mop top???? will (the remaining) beatles be joining him?

I was going with the Kindle-- then I read Theresa's comment and decided I must see the funny-looking book.

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