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March 10, 2014


I made it back to Miami for the weekend, which was nice because Miami looked like this:


Today I leave for the Western (or "Death") Leg of the book tour, starting with an event at 7 tonight at the University of Denver, which I am guessing is in Denver. On Tuesday and Wednesday I'll be in Seattle for events at the University Book Store (Tuesday at 7:30) and Third Place Books (Wednesday at 7).

Thursday evening at 7 I'll be in Oakland at A Great Good Place for Books. On Friday I'll do two events: At noon I'll be in Corte Madera at Book Passage, along with my brother Sam; and at 8 I'll be at Copperfield's in Petaluma.

On Saturday evening I'll be in Dallas for a 7:30 event at the Dallas Museum of Art. Sunday evening at 6 I'll be at Brazos Bookstore in Houston. 

On Monday, March 17 -- St. Patrick's Day -- I will be somewhere lying facedown in a gutter.

On Tuesday, March 18, at 7 p.m. I'll be at a Left Bank Books event at Maryville University, near St. Louis.

On Wednesday, March 19, I'll be in Louisville for a 7 p.m. event at the Louisville Public Library.

Pray for me.

p.s. Thanks to everybody who has come out on the tour. The events have been great, thanks to you.


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An exclusive picture of the early years of The Rock Bottom Remainders. Or possibly of Dave on the Monday after St. Patrick's Day.

Dave with a schedule like that you don't need a prayer. You need an entire Novena! If it gets too bad you may want to call on St.Francis de Sales. He's the patron saint of authors and writers.

When I looked at the schedule yesterday I thought "I bet Dave doesn't feel as perky after the next couple of weeks as he did Saturday night."

My advice to you is to start drinking heavily.

Good luck, and for anyone along the route...make the effort to go see Dave. You won't be sorry.


If you're in Dallas on Saturday Afternoon (the 15th), check out the Annual Greenville Avenue St. Patrick's Day "Parade". It's more of a controlled drunken riot - you'll love it. Check it out on the web.

In Louisville for March Madness. Well played, Sir.

The toilet that you carried around with you when you shot the cover photo for "Dave Barry Is Not Taking This Sitting Down" should come in useful next week Monday.

Have Spielberg produce some more videos of your addresses. And play some Trower while actually signing a book. Heck, sign the book Trower and have Spielberg play Bridge of Sighs. I enjoyed the video. Sometimes I watch the movie twice. Hire some talent when you make movies like that. I don't want to waste that much of my time watching badly produced book tour flicks. Having a real Pip appear on the next flick would be a plus.

Just passed along the word to a friends I have in Denver, Seattle, and Louisville.

I'd pass the word to the folks I know in Denver, Seattle and Louisville but there's a little problem with extradition. And that I might have used a different last name before skipping bail.

I am just going to assume - because it's Florida - that someone was shooting at those flowers.

Dave, you need to come to Utah. We read lots of books in Utah. (Don't believe the propaganda about not being able to get a beer here.)

Don't forget your tunafish sandwich!

The Great Good Place for Books (Oakland) link goes to Town Hall Seattle, please update! Thanks.

The stop in the gutter sounds like the highlight of the whole tour.

I thought the flowers were floating on the water - coulda sworn I saw a gator and a dead body floating in the blooms.

Hope to see you at the Dallas Museum o' Fart.

I'm in Atlanta, Kansas City, Minneapolis and Detroit this week. Damn, I'm chasing you around the map and not bumping into you.

I'll see you in Oakland. Looking forward to smelling meeting you.

Love flowers. That branch is so pretty. it was almost Spring like around here today.

Theresa: Almost spring? It's 87 here right now. But I'm looking outside right now at a very pretty sunset over the Pacific coast, so I'm not complaining!

(Sometimes I actually enjoy business trips!)

Dave, you go all the way to the [Hated] Seattle, and then fly over us in Portland, Home of the greatest bookstore in the World [Powells] and then go to Oakland, better known as gangland.
I might get a better agent if I were you. At least stop in here for a beer on the way, best micro-brews in the land. Give me a ring
I know all the best brewpubs.

Pirateboy - I saw it too - wasn't it great? Saw a gorgeous one last night on the beach in Malibu....

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