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March 16, 2014


I'm heading to Houston today for a 6 p.m. Brazos Bookstore event at the Main Street Theater. Thanks to all the nice people who came to last night's event at the Dallas Museum of Art, which is so arty that it even has artistic floor numbers in the parking garage.


That's me on the left.

One thing I am learning, traveling around this great land of ours, is that many people start celebrating St. Patrick's Day before it is actually St. Patrick's Day. Some of the people in my Dallas hotel apparently started in January.


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Some folks, Dave, are Irish year around (or wish they were) ... merely sayin' ...

It's easy to drink in Texas, just listen to the local politicians.

You are near enough to the general area of the country where they got some crazy little women there and you can 'git you one.

Manual - that was KC, and specifically at the corner of 12th Street and Vine.

A tall one.

Looks like an expressionist seven to me.

I knew which one you were. The blue shirt gave it away.

onederful !

I hope this means Dave's book is #1 on the sales list, and perhaps he may even write another?

Wait! Dave wrote a book?

That's a nice picture Dave. Yeah, folks use St. Patrick's Day as an excuse to drink

St. Patrick's Day, aka Amateur Night.

I have a client, a catholic priest fer gahd sake, who asked me to attend a meeting monday eve, ........ What is wrong with our world when an irish-er like me, can't get one night off to celebrate my ethnic holiday with the sacred brew!

You meet the most interesting people in Texas car parks, which is why we reload often.

billb - go to your 'meeting.' Priests can't openly call this type of thing a party, since today's a holy day in Ireland, not a drinking day. I'm guessing he might serve you a pint or two, in the spirit of the day.

Thank you so much for coming to Dallas! It was great to laugh so hard - and we are still laughing!

Brazos? Sounds like an undergarment for female clowns.

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