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March 18, 2014


I'm doing an event tonight for Left Bank Books at the Maryville University Auditorium. The people of Missouri seem friendly and outgoing.



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Al Gore was there?

Looks like a Form-HAL event.

The robot looks friendly. Have a good book signing Dave. Nice picture

The robot looks like he backed into a dog's nose.

Warning, Dave Barry! Warning! Approaching book tour overload limit! Warning!

Watch out for its brother.

After weeks on a nationwide tour of endless talks & book signings , the author found himself becoming more & more robotic. Recently we caught him posing with a lifesize cardboard standup of himself . . .

Dave, Missouri is the "show me" state, but they really don't want you to show them everything. Lesson learned the hard way...

See, in the midwest, we all turn to blocks of ice during the winter. That's Rod Blagojevich you're standing next to there, Dave. He's just not wearing his orange jumpsuit.

Hi Dave, I went to the link for Left Bank Books and I'm confused. The way I understand it if I went to see you talk I would get $30 and a $5 voucher which would force me to bring a friend who would then be forced to buy your book which you would then be forced to sign. Is that right? Also, I have to do this before my friend turns 40? Sounds complex.

Thanks for your help.


P.S. Sorry to bother you again but who is Dave Barry Mary? Is that your Sister? Does she also have to buy a book?

DaveM (again)

P.S.S Forgot the Ville. Sorry


Discover the Library! (or this author is toast)

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