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March 24, 2014


Man asks bank teller to spank him

(Thanks to Jon Harris)


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Sounds like the interest rate is pretty low.

was he trying to make a deposit ?

I would totally have spanked him. Right after I hit him in the head with a bag full of nickels. I took a break from nursing once and decided to work as a bank teller. I thought it would be less stressful. After six months I decided my prior job in the trauma unit was less stressful so I quit the bank job and happily went back to working in the emergency room.

This seems perfectly reasonable, for Arkansas anyway.

Mebbe he thot it wuz a sperm bank?


Isn't that a BlackJack term ?

NC: In nursing you can take the patient's temperature in ways he never thought physically possible and that probably will keep him in line going forward. Probably not a viable option in banking.

Bank will not spank him, but screw him? Definitely yes!

So true wanderer2575. That's why I only lasted six months at the bank.

This guy seems to have some creativity. He should get an NEA grant.

More jobs Americans won't do.

I was out of town once when I realized my credit card had expired. Then I went into a Publix for some groceries and my debit card was declined (cancelled due to a security breach).
Banks will only mail replacements to your listed home address, 800 miles away in this case.
The bank not only spanked me, it beat me to a pulp.

Don't banks routinely spank you?

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