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March 21, 2014


Senior Food Fight Lands Early Bird Diner In Jail

(Thanks to Chris Elzi)


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Showdown at the Golden (not-so-OK) Corral.

FIRST in line. No cuts!

Dining at a popular restaurant to the elderly just to observe those who can't hide their senile eyes has been popular since before Joe Walsh joined the Eagles.

This may be a great new game for the iPhone - 'Angry old birds'

I'd be afraid of someone hurting me if I have stints in my heart, at least until a surgeon could replace them with some stents.

Just where are their parents? Their mothers must be so proud. I also do not consider 64 to be elderly.

I love Golden Corral. Where else can you find Young Amish In Love, teenage couples on a big night out, and families where you can't tell how many generations are involved?
Can we get a People of Golden Corral site going?

Mebbe she thot he wuz gonna take all the #%€@&# prune juice before she got there ...

Did SOMEBODY forget to take their meds?

Or... did she skip the endless chocolate fondue thingy?

In other case, she was a troublemaker! She will NOT
be allowed back....

PS I love GC! But unfortunately can't afford it very often....

Can anyone on this blog vouch for nursecindy? I mean, do we KNOW she wasn't involved? Just sayin'.

*SMACKS* Gargoyle Socks. I did not say 64 is not elderly just to get on our Blog's good side either.

*SMACKS* Gargoyle Socks. Nonsense! nursecindy would never hurt anyone.

Upon whose good side wuz y'all tryin' to get, n'cin' ...?

(How do y'all regard 67? 70? 73? Whut DO y'all consider to be "old"?)

69,62 and 64. I'm in the middle of that demographic and I ain't elderly, dammit! And if you say it again I'll punch your face!

O the U I would say anyone over the age of 80 is getting up there. However my dad just turned 80 and he can run circles around me when it comes to yard work and building things. He is my hero.

My father only made it to 67 but my mother to 82. But sometimes, age is not such an achievement as a tragedy.
This lady sounds on the tragic side.

I had the unfortunate experience of eating at GC last week while traveling. This altercation may have saved them from the gut gripe. (Of course, it may have caused it.)

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