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March 12, 2014


So now I'm the state of Washington, and guess what: Marijuana is also legal here. I'm beginning to detect a trend in the scheduling for this book tour. If they send me to Tijuana next, I'll know for sure.

I don't know if this is coincidence or the result of massive drug consumption, but for the first time in my memory it's sunny here. Also there is a major Ferris wheel next to the bay. Or possibly that's some kind of mass halluciation.


Thanks to everybody who came out to the Town Hall event last night. Tonight at 7 I'll be at Third Place Books.


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But is the mini-bar empty?

Sunny? Ferris Wheel?

Dude, you're in London.

Whatever you do, DO NOT accept brownies from strangers. Get to know them first.

Remember, if you see a certain head on a stick, it's not a hallucination.

If anyone offers you some Blue Dream and says it's legal, be sure to take notice a federal agent is watching who says it's not. Be careful when you choose fiends there. At least until you turn like 70.

If this is the pot tour, then when's the LSD Tour...?

Save Ferris!

Clank, wouldn't that be an LSD Trip?

Random -- I brought brownies to a Naperville, Illinois gathering. I'm pretty sure nothing went wrong.

When did Willie Nelson become your road manager?

"He moved...is that a real FBI badge and a toy shoulder holster with a keen water pistol?

careful dave - those nasal rangers are hot on your tail - er, your scent,
or the scent of your tail, or maybe you're tale . . .


Dave? Dave's not here, man.

Seattle, Schizo-City. Coffee with max caffeine to mary-gee-wana. I'd be surprised if they haven't combined them. Java-gee-wana. Which way does the buzz go?

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