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March 24, 2014


Smuggler caught with 22 bears running free in his car tried to convince customs officials they were dogs

(Thanks to Ryan Jentzsch)


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"Relax, officers, they are merely puppies."
"Not bears?"
"Nope, no bears. Only puppies."
"How many, sir?"
"Um, 22."
"Right, off you go, then."

-- from the Timothy Leary Collection

I would not want to clean the inside of that car.

Refering to bears as dogs is a pretty common mistake, I just wonder why China is giving driver's licenses to 2 year olds.

Well, Boo-Bo, feel like Chinese for lunch?

Wu Meng, Wu-u-u-Uuu Meng,
Have you got cheating on your mind
. . . ?

P'haps he planned to drive to the USofA, becuz he heard we can keep bear arms here ...

Uh oh, Sum Ting Wong here.

Maybe, just maybe, the zoo where the bears wound up was really the intended recipient of this illegal shipment all along?


Well didn't a zoo in China try and pass a dog off as a lion? Perhaps this is the same buyer for the zoo.

Bears, even cubs, have a powerful bite and are quite playful. They don't like to let go.
If I were that driver, I'd have had my cast iron skivvies on. Or, maybe, and this comes out of left field, put them in cages.

We think Wu Meng and Lady Gaga should be covered with honey and placed in a container with the angry momma bears of these 22 baby bears.

Nice to know Chinese liars are no better than American liars.

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