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March 01, 2014


Smell of rotting whale on truck 'unbelievable'


This has been the Kent Coast Traffic Report.

(Thanks to Ralph)


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If there are any "Bob and Ray" fans out there, this is exactly what transpired with "Smelly Dave" - the dead whale that they supposedly transported around the US to display!

Appearing soon as your "fish" sandwich at that fast food place....

Wait ... where are they taking Edgar?

I love the smell of rotting whale in the morning.

But ... if its head (including, one might presume, its nose) wuz cut off ... how could it smell?

Those wacko Brits! Another joke on their American cousins ... it really couldn't smell at all!

Why don't they just blow it up!

If only government smelled that good.

They're on their way to Walled Lake, where they will implement an intricate scheme to place the whale under the ice and then "catch" it, ensuring first prize.

BWAH ha ha ha haaaaaaaa!

Must be an early Spring over there, what with the blooming trees giving of that delightful...
Wait. That's not delightful.

That certainly is a whale of tail.

The next "Febreze" commercial..."surprise - you're sitting inside a rotted, dead whale!"

Haven't we seen this before? Something about transporting a dead whale through Hong Kong (or was it Taipei?) and the thing burst open (self-exploding whale carcass making a huge mess) in the middle of the city...?

It was also nice of the local authorities to let it lie on the beach for five days, giving it a chance to get good and ripe.

OOooooh yuck.

In Oregon they use dynamite.

In Oregon we used something else that was locally owned to cover up the smell, too.

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