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March 12, 2014


Federal Judge Clears Detroit Florist's Delivery by Drone

(Thanks to coscolo)


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I am SO looking forward to a time 2-3 years from now when the airspace <400 feet is filled with deliveries of pizza, Chinese food, flowers, etc. Methinks it will be entertaining to sit out on the porch and watch the mid-air collisions. Perhaps it will replace FB as my favorite productivity enhancer. (This blog does not qualify for that honor as it is absolutely essential to my sanity).

*dusts off lasso...*


Only now will a woman get excited when she hears something buzzing.

They're going to work hard to petal this idea..

The Secretary of Defense of the United States of America wishes to convey his sincere regrets for the mistaken assassination of the residents of the 400 block of Dearborn Street in Detroit and also for the delivery of two dozen red roses to the leader of the Pakist@ni Taliba@n last Saturday.

Are they going to carpet bomb weddings with rose petals. Think of all the little flower girls out of business.

Jalapeno Hellfire Pizza on the way.

Hand me my shotgun, Ma...I'm fixin to bag us a couple of pizzas

Betsy you are sooo right, folks will hunt these things for fun and dinner. Need a lazer though....

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