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March 17, 2014


Shake a leg, hoist a pint, and be careful out there.


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No kidding. St. Pat decided to wake LA up with a quake. A couple 'o quick shoves from the south, as if to say, "Get your sorry butts out of bed - it's not a national holiday."

I may need a pint later to steady my nerves....as if we need an excuse!

Looks like it's a DIY compact car.
Ah for the good ol' days of working in NYC on St Pats. You got to dodge all the drunk teenagers on your way home...

And the Luck of the Irish to you!

Wear green today, peeps. Or this could happen to you.

Sack o' potatoes.


Guin, you'll pay for that.

I bet the driver was just trying to escape the bagpipes.

*hee hee*

I'm shocked (shocked!) that Guin would do that to us. He does look like a leprechaun though.

That leprechaun is surprisingly tall.

For Judi: Another hairy male in a kilt.

Not Irish, but Celtic -- close enough?

Very cute Ralph but I like Judi's kilt picture better. I also appreciate the fact that Judi does this for us female blogits. All those hours looking at kilted men just to bring a little joy to us. It must be wonderful! grueling.

it's a tough job, but somebody's gotta do it.

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