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March 17, 2014


What judi said. Also, please celebrate responsibly.



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Anybody else catch Dave on Meet the Press this Sunday?

The future of data processing.

The wearin' o' the green urinal soap?

No, the pot o' gold isn't there .....

thanks for sharing a picture of yourself from the bieber concert, dave

S'urinal be a bit late in the mornin', Saints preserve us.

Week four of a book tour?
Erin go braaaaaaaaacccccccck!

Free (slightly used) beer here. Bring your own straw.

You don't buy beer. You just rent it.

Dave Barry ‏@rayadverb
I'm not saying EVERY problem can be solved by vodka gimlets. No, wait, I am.

- or not

I may have a green beer at home and I made rueben.They were tasty. Happy St. Patrick's Day Dave

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You can tell a good party by the peace and quiet the next morning, when the only sound is the ringing of church bells inside your head.

Theresa, you have a real future as a "straight man." (look it up if you think you should be offended) BTW, how did Rueben like it?

Geez, Dave has lost some weight!

"Floridian facelift"

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