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March 19, 2014


Planet Fitness: No fit people allowed.

(Thanks to Stephen Stockum)


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Planet Witless.

I, too, was horribly intimidated by her toned body, to the point I had to have a cookie to de-stress.

"it's unfair to show off your body" because it can make other people feel bad. "

Only the fat ugly ones.

So, join Planet Fitness, but don't you dare succeed.

24 hours tops before somebody changes the sign out front to "Planet Fatness. "

If there aren't going to be ladies in skimpy workout clothes there, why go to the gym?

what a genius biz model, chubby donut-eaters in baggy sweats. Man do I want to join that....

Abs-entminded management.

Wipe me down when she's done using that machine.

I, too, would probably be asked to put on a shirt, but not because of my intimidating tone-ness.

My abs of pudding are intimidated by no woman.

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